Stockholm Pride turns down extreme right party Sverigedemokraterna!

On Wednesday, the famous court singer Malena Ernman and the daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter wrote that the extreme right-wing Sverigedemokraterna (SD) which is having a Nazi origins are not welcome to Stockholm Pride 2016. Sverigedemokraterna who have a racial biology view on humans want to remove the human rights and civil rights for LGBT people. Sverigedemokraterna want, for example, taking away the right to apply for adoption for LGBT people, the Sverigedemokraterna also want to take away the right of LGBT people to apply for artificial insemination and SD party would also take away the right of LGBT people to the church wedding. DN writes that the Sverigedemokraternas are against “especially transgender rights”.

Art School of Human Rights celebrates the Pride organization has the courage to say no to the Sverigedemokraterna who oppose the equal value of humans. The Sverigedemokraterna is as well against the Human Rights! Long live the Pride! <3

Art projects about stopping breast cancer is a human right!

Working to stop female and male breast cancer is a human right. We can work with the new media in art projects and as an example we can view the video of the breast cancer organization in Argentina Movimiento Ayuda Cáncer de Mama:

MACMA is using irony to express in a postmodern playful way and use photographs and video #ManBoobs4Boobs on Youtube. This video can be seen even where there is a censorship against female nipples like on Facebook and Instagram!

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Art Travel to the Prado in Madrid?


If you are an art lover and want to go on holiday? See the 500 year anniversary of the painter Jheronimus Bosch at the Prado summer 2016!

Prado Museum has borrowed many works from all over the world and hence many from Holland Bosch home country to create the largest exhibition of his works at the Prado. The exhibition runs until 11 September 2016. Tip: Book tickets online to your visit.

Read more information on the museum Prado’s website:

Have a nice summer!