ILGA, ILGCN, TUPILAK: Queering Södertälje

Image: Copyright Art School of Human Rights. Image text: Mixed blessings; votive gifts of hermaphrodite priests standing in a circle with arms raised in the air in a ceremony receiving foreign guests from different landscapes in the entire world; Africa, Egypt, Assyria, Anatolia, Greece, Phoenicia (Libanon)… Shrine at Soli in Cyprus devoted to natural divines and fertility and gods like Astarte, Zeus Ammon and Baal. Period Around 650-500 BC. More then 2500 years old. Medelhavsmuseet, Stockholm.

Event date: 13-14 October 2017

An event for you who are interested in the culture and Human Rights. Is free and open to public. Art School of Human Rights is making a contribution.

The entire program for the two days free and everyone is welcome and organized by ILGA’s Network for Cultural Workers ILGCN. ILGA is the major international hbt organization one can say pedagogically … And ILGCN is it’s cultural network and TUPILAK is it´s local organisation of ILGCN:

Do not miss songs by Jan Hammarlund and lecture by Professor Sue Sanders from Harvey Milk Institute mfl 🙂

2nd Nordic Rainbow History & Art Month – Södertälje Konsthall A two-day festival focusing on queer culture, history and human rights. Music performances, screenings, talks and panel debates, artwork, performance and lectures with national and international guests. VAR: Hörsalen Lunagallerian & NOVA: Friday, 13/10 and Saturday 14/10 HUR: 2nd Nordic Rainbow History & Art Month – Södertälje is free and open to all. No pre-registration required.

Saturday 14/10
11:00 “The Scientific Rascism in the Swedish transgender health care today versus the human rights and culture of the transgender people.
12:00 Professor Sue Sanders (Professor Emeritus Harvey Milk Institute), about her struggle for LGBTQ issues from a personal perspective
13:00 “Väninnor – berättelser från garderoben” & conversation with filmmaker / director Cecilia Neant-Falk
15:30 Performance by Alexey Knedlyakovsky, member of PUSSY RIOT
16:30 Film on the situation in Chechnya & Bill Schiller; Co-operation with Belarus / Eastern, Bears
17:00 Jan Hammarlund
17:30 Weed
18:00 Anders Ödvall sings Brazilian songs – Tribute to Renato Russo’s “Strani Amori”