About Us

Art School of Human Rights
Box 24099, 10450 Stockholm, Telephone och email: Contact Us.

In Swedish: Konstskolan om de Mänskliga Rättigheterna.

Welcome to the Art School of Human Rights! The Art School on Human Rights is a platform for creating an independent framework for ethics that uses aesthetic processes for art, culture, social development, environment and Human Rights. We also welcome you to our art courses and take part of our news.

Courses at different levels; beginners, artistic foundation course which is a preparatory course for university-level art and design education and as well media courses for professionals. Beginners and artistic preparatory course for university-level. Art School of Human Rights was founded in Stockholm on 18 April 2016.

It is the world’s first art school that has human rights profile and Human Rights part of the name? The vision is to create a school where human rights are an integral and natural part of school for real. An art school where everyone is welcome. Please read more about human rights: United Nations: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

I’d like to introduce myself. My name is A.A.A. Sjöfelt and I am the founder, and director of the school
Please you may read my artistic biography and my Artist’s Statement here