Trans gender is not a mental disorder anymore: ICD-11 is officially released by WHO

Good news!

The World Health Organization (WHO) released officially the new classification ICD-11 yesterday,18 June 2018, and trans is not a mental disorder anymore. For example not using the old ICD diagnosis called transsexualism.

Moved away from Chapter 5 Mental Disorders to: Cap. 17 Conditions related to sexual health.

New diagnosis WHO: Gender incongruence. To enable care for trans gender according democratic values.

Note 1: Gender dysphoria is a mental disorder diagnosis not belonging WHO:s ICD.

Gender dysphoria has been marketing by so called American stealth marketing strategies.

Gender dysphoria is a mental disorder diagnosis belonging to the commercial, none-scientific, populist right conservative politics still using scientific racism values: American Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder (DSM) since 2013 in version 5 so called DSM-5:

NOTE 2: The use of the diagnosis Gender dysphoria is also against the Human Rights written of UN called The YOGYAKARTA PRINCIPLES, (see principle18F)

Congratulations to all human right defenders.

ICD-11: Chapter 17: Gender incongruence

TGEU: world-health-organisation-moves-to-end-classifying-trans-identities-as-mental-illness


  • Gender incongruence of adolescence or adulthood
  • trans-sexualism
  • gender dysphoria in adolescents and adults
  • transsexual