Materials, Techniques and Purchasing

Here you can read about materials, painting and purchases in artist material stores

Shopping list materials
You will get a specific list of materials before your course starts to make your purchases whether you choose to paint with oil paint or acrylic paint. The material list covers the various painting techniques that glaze layer painting versus alla prima (wet-on-wet). glaze layer painting means that you paint color in different layers to dry on top of each other, in contrast to all prima where you paint in the wet paint on top of another wet paint also called wet-on-wet. Colors divided into study quality and artistic quality. Study quality is cheaper and more suitable for beginners. Artist Quality is more expensive colors with a better quality could manage to do better color mixtures..

You can consider if you have not painted before or if it was a long time since you painted that do not need a large canvas for a shorter course. Maybe a canvas between sizes F4 (33 x 24 cm) and F6 (41 x 33 cm). Advantage of linen compared to cotton cloths is that you can tighten them and stretch the canvas a little more after you’ve finished painting. But the linen cloths normally costs a bit more than cotton cloths.

Colors and environment
We use oil paint or acrylic paint. I recommend that you think environmentally friendly as much as possible, for example, avoid cadmium colors that are bad for the environment. Often usually paint manufacturers produce cadmium color substitutes as they call such as Cadmium Yellow Hue, where the “hue” indicates that it is not the genuine cadmium color, but only a simulated shade and should therefore be more environmentally friendly. If you paint with classic oil paints, use environmentally friendly odorless paint thinner and brush washing, painting and artistic use of the brand Skonsam. Skonsam thinner works as well as classic gum turpentine to mix colors, but without destroying the environment and no foul smells.

Artists’ materials, you can buy in different stores in Stockholm for example the following stores:

Kreatima, Kungsgatan 58, 111 22 Stockholm, phone: 08-545 155 60 A good store that has different starter kits for beginners.

Masters Artistmaterial, Sankt Paulsgatan 14 11846 Stockholm, 08-642 78 74 (best shop for bargain prices on linen canvases)

Konstnärernas Centralköp, Fiskargatan 1, 116 20 Stockholm, 08-643 42 03 (You can become a member and receive a discount). Perhaps the most professional shop?

There are several stores to shop in Stockholm and other cities.

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