Today 27 January the International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2021! Echoes – the storming of the United States Congress Capitol

“Today is the “International Holocaust Remembrance Day – an international memorial day on 27 January commemorating the end of tragedy of the Holocaust that occurred during the Second World War. It commemorates the genocide that resulted in the deaths of 6 million Jews and 11 million others.” Wikipedia

Portrait: Dr Irene Hasenberg Butter a Holocaust survivor
Born in Berlin in 1930, Irene Butter endured the horrors of the Holocaust as a Jewish child coming of age in Nazi-occupied Europe. As the world pauses to remember the genocide that killed millions of Jews, Butter tells CNN’s Clarissa Ward that we must stay vigilant to preserve democratic institutions amid emerging ‘echoes’ of the Holocaust

echoes of the Holocaust‘ – the storming of the United States Capitol 2021. Butter describes the storming of the United States Capitol 6 January 2021 as an attempted coup (Coup d’état) that ‘echoes’ of the Holocaust where she mentions that many participants wearing nazi symbols.

What happened in Washington, DC, on January 6, 2021, was an attempted coup of our government and an unraveling of the democracy that protects all of our rights. I saw a T-shirt with the words “Camp Auschwitz,” as well as other anti-Semitic symbols and slogans used by the rioters.
Butter, Irene 26 January 2021, “I witnessed the rise of Nazism firsthand. We must act now to protect American democracy” CNN: Atlanta.

Irene Butter’s first person Holocaust memoir, Shores Beyond Shores (2019)
They are taken to Nazi-controlled prison camps and finally to Bergen-Belsen, where Irene is a fellow prisoner with Anne Frank.

2021 storming of the United States Capitol

Coup d’état

International Holocaust Remembrance Day